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 Destiny of the Force (1er VSet) Errata and FAQ

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MessageSujet: Destiny of the Force (1er VSet) Errata and FAQ    Lun 31 Oct - 22:49

Destiny of the Force Errata

Advanced Battle Meditation
Add the following:
This damage bonus applies only to characters that have a Damage value greater than 0.

Replace the entire text with the following:
When this character attacks an adjacent enemy, it ignores enemy abilities and commander effects that prevent targeting and attacking. These attacks cannot be redirected.

Scout Trooper Officer (Imperial, 30/60)
Replace the commander effect with the following:
Imperial troopers in your squad with Stealth (including this character) and who have cover cannot be targeted by nonadjacent enemies.


Destiny of the Force FAQ

Commander Effects

Mandalorian Tactician
Q: When I take the first phase, can I choose to only activate one character?
A: Yes. Using the Tactician's Commander Effect is optional, so you are allowed to activate the normal number of characters in a phase.

Special Abilities

Q: Would this ability ignore abilities on the character's own card such as Melee Attack or work when using abilities that Replace Attacks like Thud Bug?
A: No. The original wording didn't quite match the design intent. See the errata above. The ability only works when attacking, and only ignores enemy abilities that prevent targeting and attacks (such as Pheromones or Diplomat) or redirect targeting or attacks (such as Draw Fire or Bombad Gungan) but not abilities that prevent or redirect damage (such as Parry or Bodyguard.)

Jedi Reflexes
Q: Can I make an attack of opportunity on a character who uses Jedi Mind Trick or Force Leap?
A: No. It works on special abilities like Flight or Wall Climber, not Force powers.

Q: If R2-D2 Astromech Droid tows a character into an adjacent square can I make attacks of opportunity on both of them?
A: No. You are still limited to one attack of opportunity per turn. You could choose either character in this case, but not both.

Q: When exactly do you make an attack of opportunity on a character moving into an adjacent square if it matters for something like Self-Destruct?
A: The attack is made immediately after entering the square.

Master Shaper
Q: Does this ability stack with regular Shaper?
A: Yes. It follows the normal stacking rules, and the two abilities have different names.

Q: Can you try to Rout an enemy character into a pit?
A: Yes. It follows all the normal rules for involuntary movement.

Telepathic Insight
Q: If there's no useful enemy commander effect, could I duplicate one from my own squad? Like maybe have an extra copy of Yominn Carr's commander effect in case he's defeated?
A: No. You are limited to enemy commander effects.

Q: If I use Telepathic Insight to steal a commander effect from Grand Admiral Thrawn or Nom Anor do I get both effects (+3 Attack/+3 Defense and swapping, non-targetable in cover and Self-Destruct, respectively) or do I have to choose one or the other?

A: Some commanders have multiple commander effects. These are broken up into seperate paragraphs in the Commander Effect section of the card. So in the case of Grand Admiral Thrawn, you would need to choose one of the paragraphs, +3 Attack and +3 Defense to non-uniques or swapping, but in the case of Nom Anor it's a single paragraph and you get both effects.

Q: Does Vongsense affect a Yuuzhan Vong Ossus Guardian when in a New Republic squad?
A: No. It affects applicable characters in the Yuuzhan Vong faction.

Yammosk War Coordinator
Q: If I have a Fringe commander in the squad that affects Fringe characters and Yuuzhan Vong characters in my squad, does the commander effect have unlimited range, or range 6?
A: It has unlimited range for the Yuuzhan Vong characters, and range 6 for the Fringe characters.

Force Powers

Force Meditation
Q: Can Force Meditation result in an enemy character having a negative attack value?
A: Yes.

Force Withdrawal
Q: Force Withdrawal says it ends prematurely if the character spends a Force point. Is that even possible after he gains Force Immunity?
A: Yes, the character may still spend Force points. Nothing in the definition of Force Immunity prevents doing so.

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Destiny of the Force (1er VSet) Errata and FAQ
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