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 Renegades & Rogues (2ème Vset) + Battle of Theed Errata & Mini FAQ

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MessageSujet: Renegades & Rogues (2ème Vset) + Battle of Theed Errata & Mini FAQ   Lun 31 Oct - 22:53

Yun-Yammka Fanatic: This character has Force Immunity.

Renegades & Rogues

Commander Effects

Count Dooku, Seperatist Leader
Q: Does it allow a character with Melee Attack to attack someone not adjacent?
A: No. It ignores the targetting rules, not a character's own restrictions.

Tactical Droid
Q: If you have more than one Tactical Droid, can this CE be used more than once?
A: Yes, but each Tactical Droid must affect a different figure.

Special Abilities

Q: Can I choose to stop my attack after the figures switch?
A: No.

Q: Would a character being transported by Master Thon's Mount be affected by his Force Repulse 4?
A: Yes

Solo Hunter
Q: Does Solo Hunter applies to Thracken Sal-Solo
A: Yes.

Force Powers

Sith Alchemy 2
Q: Does the Rakghoul that is brought in count as activated or not?
A: The Rakghoul that is brought in is unactivated.

Thought Bomb
Q: Does he need the 5 Force Points to trigger the ability when he is defeated?
A: Yes.

Battle of Theed Palace

Special Abilities

Q: Does Captain Panaka's Rapport stack with Queen Amidala's?
A: Yes, as they worded differently.

Tactician -4
Q: Would Tactician -4 and Tactician +4 negate each other?
A: No. You can only benefit from one Tactician at a time.
Q: Can I choose to use Tactician +4 over Tactician -4?
A: No. You must always take the higher bonus, or you must take the one with the penalty (-X)
Q: Can you wind up with a negative initiative result?
A: Yes.

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Renegades & Rogues (2ème Vset) + Battle of Theed Errata & Mini FAQ
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