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 Vengeance & Cantina Brawl Errata & Mini FAQ (3ème Vset)

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MessageSujet: Vengeance & Cantina Brawl Errata & Mini FAQ (3ème Vset)   Mer 15 Fév - 10:18


Ben Kenobi
Add the follow after Unique: (This character counts as Obi-Wan Kenobi)

Nightsister Mother
Replace the Commander Effect with the following: Allies whose names contain Nightsister within 6 squares gain Force Renewal 1.

Add the following to the card: Small Base

Mini Glossary
Advanced Door Gimmick - At the end of this character's turn, this character can designate 1 door within line of sight as open. The door remains open and cannot be closed until the end of this character's next turn, or until the end of the turn this character is defeated. This door can open a door held closed by the Override ability as if it was Override. This door cannot be closed, even by the Override special ability.

Covenant: Any character whose name contains Covenant or has the Covenant Special Ability. Characters whose name contains Draay also are treated as if they had Covenant.

Force Pull X: (Variable Force Points) This group of unleashed Force Powers moves an enemy character adjacent to this character and allows this character to make attacks against the enemy. This movement does not provoke Attacks of Opportunity. The enemy must be placed in a legal landing spot. Force Pull itself is not an attack and does not require an attack roll, although it does allow attacks.

Mandalorian: Also counts as a Mandalorian character for purposes of Special Abilities and Commander Effects.

Mini FAQ
Special Abilities
Q: Savage Oppress has Affinity for characters whose name contains Nightsister, some who are Fringe and can already be in this squad. Does this change their faction to Seperatist.
A: Yes. While they don't need Affinity to be in the same squad, they still benefit from the faction change.
Q: Is the change of faction optional?
A: No.

Q: Do you reveal your Bribery figs before or after Reinforcements during setup?
A: At the same time, just like if you had Reinforcements.
Q: Do the figures you brought in by Bribery cost victory points when defeated?
A: No, they are treated the same as Reinforcement figures.
Q: What about the opponent's Reinforcement figures I take by Bribery?
A: No, they are still treated like figures brought in by Reinforcements.

Force Immunity
Q: How can Onimi use his Force Powers if he has Force Immunity?
A: Force Immunity only affects other characters using Force Points or Force Powers. Onimi can use his Force Points just like any other character with Force Points.

Magma Pebble
Q: When a character with Force Immunity uses Magma Pebble on me, can I reroll any of the saves to prevent damaged when my character is burned?
A: Yes. The subsequent saves from Magma Pebble after the initial damage are no longer tied to the character who used Magma Pebble.
Q: When make a save for Magma Pebble, can I remove an instance that I haven't made a save for yet?
A: No, you must remove the instance of Magma Pebble you just rolled a save for.

Force Powers
Force Essence
Q: What happens when my character with Force Essence is defeated within 6 of Ysalimari?
A: It resolves as normal. The character being brought in doesn't initially have Force Immunity, since they are not on the board yet. And once placed, you must finish resolving the Force Essence, similar to Master Speed.
Force Light
Q: What happens when a character with Force Light activated is moved into range of an opposing character's Force Light?
A: You resolve which Force Light is suppressed like any other simultaneous action, the acting player decides.
Force Pull
Q: Does the movement from Force Pull trigger General Skywalker's Momentum for the rest of that turn?
A: No. Momentum only applies on a character's own turn.
Sith Weapon
Q: Does it change the base damage of those affected?
A: No.

Commander Effects
Nomi Sunrider, Head of the Jedi Order
Q: Does her commander effect extend Force Powers who have a range of "touch" or "adjacent".
A: No.
Q: How does her commander effect interact with Repulse?
A: It extends the range of who Repulse effects, however, it does not affect where figures are pushed to. So, with Force Repulse 3, all figures within 5 squares would take damage and make the save for activation. Figures would still be pushed to 4 squares away. Figures 4 or 5 squares away would not be moved, since Repulse says they cannot be moved closer.

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Vengeance & Cantina Brawl Errata & Mini FAQ (3ème Vset)
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